The Process

Sun Metallics & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. has an integrated steel plant at Wada that is equipped with the latest QST manufacturing technology, Thermex version 3. Sun Metallics & Alloys Pvt. Ltd.  is the first to use Thermex version 3 in the region.

The integrated steel plant consists of an induction furnace with a continuous caster that enables production of MS billets. During production, the billets are subjected to strict quality controls to ensure perfect chemical composition for reinforcement steel.

The billets so obtained are then heated using producer gas obtained from a coal based Gassifier. The heated billets are subjected to a controlled rolling process which ensures precise diameter and an ideal ribbed pattern perfect for bonding with concrete.

Finally, the rolled bars are rapidly cooled through a very precise and intense inline Thermex ver. 3 system to obtain high and consistent quality QST bars – SUN QST bars.

Here’s Our Process Of Quality Manufacturing

Quality Control

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.
– Wiaaliam A. Foster

Sun Metallics & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. has always prided itself as a supplier of the highest quality of QST bars. To ensure that the highest quality reinforcement bars are available to the industry, the raw material as well as the finished product is subjected to strict chemical and physical checks.

Sun Metallics & Alloys Pvt. Ltd.  has a fully equipped chemical laboratory with a spectrometer and a state of the art physical testing laboratory. This combined with highly experienced and skilled quality and production team ensures that SUN QST bars not just confirm to but exceed BIS  standards for structural steel as evident from the following tables.