Ductile Grades

As part of our continuous endeavor to upgrade and improve, Sun Metallics and Alloys Pvt. Ltd. has now introduced Ductile grades of Fe 415D, Fe 500D and Fe 550D, in addition to the existing standard grades. Sun Metallics and Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few companies that is certified by BIS for manufacture of ductile grades and it gives us great pleasure to announce that our new grades product has been well accepted by high end quality conscious users with repeat orders.

Ductile grades or D grades, as they are popularly referred to, have a much lower level of sulphur, phosphorus and carbon.  This leads to greater elongation and ductility in the material, without compromising on tensile strength of the bar. This helps the rebar to resist higher seismic shocks without any damage to the structure. D grade TMT bars can also be bent at sharper radii, without any cracks appearing in the rebar.

Thus, the use of D grade TMT bars provides higher earthquake resistance to your structure.

The ductile grades, Fe 500D and Fe 550D grade QST bars are produced in our integrated steel manufacturing unit under strict control of chemistry which not only confirm but exceed BIS specifications. In house manufacturing of billets and technical expertise over billet chemical properties ensure that our ductile grade TMT bars clear the most strenuous quality tests.

Sun Metallics & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. have the proud distiction of manufacturing Thermex certified ductile grades. At Sun Metallics & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., D grades are generally available in stock, ready for delivery.